Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Ebay success

It was an exciting time at my place this evening around 6pm. That was the time the ebay auctions ended. Here is the posting with the photos. EVERYTHING sold!! I kept refreshing the screen to see the bids jump higher and higher. I think everyone got a bargain, because you can't make the tops for the prices paid, and I am happy to send them off to new homes (although a touch sad, too, considering how much time went into the sewing...)

One purchaser sent me a wonderful email - none other than Jasmine from Victoria. She bought TWO tops!! Little overachiever. She has a blog which is quite fun - check it out here.


  1. I had a few bids on some, but in the end missed out. I was swapping the second lot of nine patches and missed the finish.


  2. Oh bother - sorry Christine. It was me biddign against you! There was someone bidding who is a professional eBayer with thousands of buys and sells on their name. I am a rank amateur. Still get sweaty palms and jump up and down with excitement. The first thing I bought back in June was my John Watts frame and machine etc. I offered to quilt some of Kate's 50 (!!) WIPs. I thought I was ratty with 13(ish) WIPs...
    Thank you for the link, Kate! And thank you for the tops, too.

  3. Congrats Kate...A good least someone else will love and finish them..
    Julia ♥