Monday, November 30, 2009

Mullum Music Festival '09 - Part 1 - arrival

I was umm-ing and aah-ing about going to the Festival - it was drawing me to it, but I thought I'd play hard to get and not commit straight away. Anywho, I DID get in the car on Friday and drive down. I threw the tent in the car and a sleeping bag, nothing planned.

Driving into Mullumbimby is wonderful. This is what you see - the mountain sits perfectly in line with the road - very pleasing to someone who likes order in their universe!
In a paddock on the right as you drive in is this wonderfully clever and thought provoking sculpture
yours for only $45,000...

Oh yeah - where did I end up sleeping? I piked on the tent thing - I don't even know if all the pegs and poles are there - so I went to Brunswick Heads where I stayed at the Hotel Brunswick.
Everywhere you go you see quilt patterns, don't you??

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