Saturday, July 25, 2009

Ferris Wheeling

I am scared of heights...but I am trying to conquer fears...and so three of us went up in the ferris wheel last weekend. I didn't look straight down, so that helped. The views are great, and I am so pleased I did it.

Only one of us is not afraid of heights...

Afterwards I felt like a strong something or other - but coffee and cake at the Shingle Inn across the river did the trick.
I had been in town the Friday before and took this shot - I think it looks magnificent.


  1. well done Kate, I had a panic attack at the top of it at Sea World, You are very brave!

  2. WOW -- those views are great, and the lit up wheel at the end is amazing.

    Just so you know -- I think what you did would have taken much courage.

    I am also scared of heights, though more when I am not enclosed in something.

    Through the years I have challenged that fear by doing all kinds of things -- climbing the Eiffel Tower's "legs" instead of going up in the elevator; going to the top of the World Trade Center (a week before 9/11 I might add); walking around some very narrow paths in mountainous areas in the Italian Alps etc.

    I was petrified yes, but glad I did them.