Saturday, July 25, 2009

Polenta for Breakfast

I was minding my own business reading blogs this morning when this post caught my eye.
I immediately navigated to the source blog - Brown Eyed Baker.

I then IMMEDIATELY went to the kitchen and started cooking.

Nothing beats stirring - you can't be anywhere else, so you are really in the moment. I loved seeing the liquid go from white, to tinged with yellow, to that buttery strong yellow that tells you the dish is done!!

Here are the results of that yummy recipe, including the cream and brown sugar topping.
This tasted EXACTLY like the Hungarian "tejbegriz" my mother used to make when I was little - a tasty dish and time travel at the same time - what a bonus!
The leftover polenta went into a dish to firm up.
Mum used to cut the firm polenta into wedges or squares, coat them in breadcrumbs and fry the pieces. They were then topped with jam - a YUMMY dessert!!!

Huge thanks to the Brown Eyed Baker for making this possible!!

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  1. I'm so happy to hear that you enjoyed this and it brought back good memories :)