Monday, July 13, 2009

Flying Fingers

I was tested on my typing speed this morning.
Ahem!! 70 words per MINUTE with only 2% error rate...
To think I pounded my way through a term of typing lessons on a beast like this...
and now my lucky digits easily dance and dart across a keyboard like this - tra la la....


  1. Oh, very well done! That is super speed!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  2. I went to an all boys primary school in Toowoomba, and I recall in the 7th grade they decided that we needed to learn to type.

    Well! The poor typing teacher had quite a task getting the fingers of a bunch of cricket players to attach themselves to a keyboard -- but she persevered and I came away with a skill I never ever thought I'd need.

    But look at me now -- I can't imagine life without some form of keyboard, be it a computer or phone, or maybe even one day an iteration of the recently released iPad.

    I have more difficulty writing using that out-dated thing called a pen these days, which is a shame because I had quite a nice flowing style (thanks to the copy book writing lessons we endured at primary school).

    I could probably get to 70 wpm, though I doubt I'd have the accuracy you achieved. Well done! :-)