Sunday, July 5, 2009

Brisbane Scquilters First Meeting

Thanks to Shaaryn, we Brisbanites got together today at the Brisbane City Council Library. I had a quick coffee first at the Coffee Club - great view.
In the square in front of the library are these large balls.
On closer inspection you find that they are composed of strainers (remember those saucepans - they were shaped so that three of them would fit on the same burner).
I love the flower design as well as a hexagon shape.
There was a good turnout and some inspiring show and tell.
Here's Pam's quilt -
and another one by Pam (a Kids Quilts kit/pattern).
Shaaryn's quilt uses leaders and enders (see Bonnie's site for more info).
It was great to catch up with Carmel (who lives in Melbourne during term time, and in Brisbane during the holidays).
Carmel loves stitcheries. She also loves cats - see her blog.
Eldonna had the most beautiful bag made by a friend -
and showed us the top she started in a Robyn Pandolph workshop
Felicity had some beautiful felt pieces (works in progress), Alison brought along photos, and Chris and Beth brought each other for show and tell!


  1. Oh I forgot it was on today, hope there is another one soon. Nearly finished your quilt, will send you email,looks like Tuesday.


  2. Oh, Kate - that is just so exciting - makes me wish I was still in Brisbane!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  3. Lorraine HartleyJuly 6, 2009 at 10:34 AM

    Hi Kate,
    Love the sculptures and the quilts.
    I would love to get to a GTG sometime.
    Happy days, BFN Lorraine H

  4. Great photos Kate, I hope to join you for the next one!