Monday, March 19, 2012


It was great to watch Malcolm again - I last saw it in the 1980s and always had good memories of it.  It is still as good as ever, Colin Friels still as wonderful as ever.  As for the music - fantastic.  Anyone know where I can get the soundtrack?  I've had no luck trying to find it so far, although I have tracked down the Penguin Cafe Orchestra's website so will probably have to buy some of their CDs for the music.
As for the second move - Dingo - just didn't get it.  About a young boy who loves jazz, meets a famous jazz trumpeter in the outback (Miles Davis as Billy Cross) and travels to Paris.  I never travelled to Paris with the film - it totally lost me early on and I just didn't care.

I loved Wil on The Glass House and loved him on the Gruen Transfer - but this - I just didn't get it.  He came on stage all pumped and almost shouting and bouncing around.  Very little was funny to me - more just making fun of audience members, and swearing every second word.  I hit the eject button early on.

What a clever comedian.  He is a story teller with funny insights and great delivery.  Even when he lost his thread it was entertaining.  Witty intelligent - great stuff.

I've seen it before but I mustn't have been paying much attention because I could remember very little of it.   I'm so glad I watched it again - great writing, good characters and actors and a really good premise.  Nick Naylor has found what he is good at - talking - and he becomes a very successful lobbyist for the tobacco industry.  Everything is an argument or a negotiation, and he can use words to make sure he wins both.  Throw in lots of other characters each with their own agendas, a son who wants to get to know his Dad, and some unexpected curve balls, and you get a very entertaining movie that also makes you think.  Watch out for Rob Lowe in a cameo spot as a Hollywood mover and shaker.

I only watched Pursuit to Algiers as I'd seen the Woman in Green before.  Lots of mystery and double crossing and dark characters and a nice twist at the end.  Very good.

This is my second viewing - I must have seen it when it first came out in 1991.  I remember it quite differently.  I feel I understand the depths of the characters so much better.  The young Russell Crowe is great, as are the other 2 main actors.  Funny in parts, desperately sad and cruel in other parts, but it's all played with a lightness of touch to avoid the over dramatic.  Very very good.

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