Thursday, March 29, 2012


Two bouquets today.

First - the cross stitch I was having framed for Mum last year had a chip in the glass which I found only after I brought it home.  The framers replaced the glass of course, but it was a pain in the neck to be honest.  As an apology they gave me a voucher for glass for another picture - I took the voucher in today and no questions asked they will honour it.
Thank you, Framing Corner Toowong.

Second - two weeks ago for Mum's birthday I ordered some wine and nibbles online to be sent to her.  A series of errors and miscommunication (on both sides, I have to say) led to the package taking more than a week to get to her (on the plus side, by the time it got there, I was there also, so I shared some of the wine!).  I was very disappointed, as you can imagine.  Well, totally off their own bat the company sent me some chocolate today as an apology.
Thank you Naturally Gifted.

In both cases the businesses took it on themselves to make it right (and it certainly wasn't totally their fault in either situation).  I appreciate that very much.

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