Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Sydney - the Malaysian Food Experience

On Sunday I went to a restaurant in Ultimo called Mamak.  I'd never had roti before so I ordered the original.  It was at once light and a bit chewy and crispy, served with 2 curries for dipping plus a dollop of sambal olek - mmm!  From the street you can peer through the window and watch them roll and stretch the dough into impossible thinness.
Although not done in front of me, I could see into the kitchen and watched them make my teh tarik.  The tea and condensed milk mixture is poured back and forth between two jugs held a long way apart - hence the froth.
I finally got to taste assam laksa today.  The broth is more like a hot sour soup rather than based on coconut milk.  There were lots of veggies and herbs and chilli, plus small slices of pineapple to add sweetness. 

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