Wednesday, February 8, 2012


As you know I've been sorting and clearing things  out.  In the 1980s I was very interested in food and dinner parties and had a huge stash of Vogue Entertaining magazines.  I finally let go of them this year.  This is one of the covers that always sticks with me - so dramatic.
I was blown away by the concept of squid ink colouring food, and it was on my "must eat" list.  A few years ago I finally got to have this dish in a restaurant on the Gold Coast.
I also dreamed of eating in "name" restaurants, and have done so a few times (never did get to Berowra Waters though).  One place I will not forget is Nautilus.  I was staying in a backpackers place in Port Douglas, but put on my least-creased outfit to eat at the restaurant owned by Mogens Bay Esbensen.  I couldn't get over eating in the open on a balmy night surrounded by the tropical scents and sounds.   Just like the picture in the magazine...

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