Sunday, January 22, 2012

Saturday Field Trip

I do like a good forage, and found out about The Rubbish Removers this week and had to visit their warehouse on Saturday to check it out for myself. Turn here -
yep - still on the right track
now down here
It's a big, big shed full of stuff.  It kind of made me sad - all these things we buy and then get rid of.  Here's someone's school shirt with messages - no longer wanted - I wonder why?
I found a couple of beehive shaped candle holders - I'll used them outside - originally marked at $24.95 now $2 - but wait - is this the bottom and they should go the other way?  I like my way better.
I also found a ceramic water cooler for the fridge.  This is a business with a wonderful attitude - see their philosophy here.

As I was already in the Logan area, I thought I'd keep driving and see what there was to see.  Have not been here before so I had a poke around
stopped off here and got rhubarb and some Vietnamese Coriander/Cambodian Mint (which looks like spiky weeds but smells awesome - if you like coriander that is)
had to laugh...
found fun things at the op shops - a Jetson plate - yep, said "Jetson" on the reverse
 I have one of these already
 AND these - I've been wearing my version all week - but they're my size and everything and only $5!!

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  1. Saw the same car with eyelashes this morning driving through Mt Gravatt :). We were on our way to the markets