Friday, January 27, 2012

Redcliffe Peninsula

In the crazy weather on Tuesday I drove up to Redcliffe - so much quieter than market day (of course).   I don't remember seeing this last time

The Union Flag was everywhere - it may as well have been called the Jack, considering the weather conditions.

At Scarborough I happened on this cute coffee/lunch place - I read my book and looked out at the rain.
If you're a coffee and cake person, bring a friend - the cakes are enormous!  Honestly!  These are about 10 inches cubed.
Rain makes things more beautiful I think - it heightens colours and softens sharp edges.
But there is a limit.  Sadly, this place is called Shangri-La.


  1. oh about beach shack and paint it blue and white. Loving the Jacks.

  2. Love all those Union Jacks :o)!
    Every now and then we ride (motorbike) out to Redcliffe for brekky and we always go to "Retro Cafe", the people there are lovely and the food is great. Worth a try on your next trip perhaps :o).
    Joy :o)