Saturday, January 7, 2012


I bought this at the Folio bookshop in town - 2 years ago.  I'd started it and then ended up back on my shelf.  But this time I got stuck in and enjoyed the romp.  The concept isn't new - Lawrence Block and I think others have done similar things - but Ewan writes well, I love the Parisian setting and there is some good humour alongside the nastier characters - although not really very nasty at all I guess, compared to some books.

This was give to me recently - and I was drawn to the food theme.  There are some amazing descriptions of food, and some wonderfully larger-than-life characters, but I think it could have been so much better.  What was the focus?  There is a lot of set up to Hassan's eventual start as a chef - but then it's as if the air is let out of the balloon - the high energy kind of dissipates.  There were some annoying little editing glitches - nothing major, but still....    A good book, yes, and it definitely draws you in, yes, and it's well written, yes.  But certainly not outstanding....

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