Friday, January 27, 2012


I love it when things work together.  I spotted a pattern a friend (Hi Jan) had designed for a mag.  I loved it, but it was all hand done - sorry, but not for me.  I then happened on a website where there were some interesting ideas for creating blocks.  By machine.  Now THIS looks like my sort of thing.  First, you sew BOTH edges of a strip to another strip - good contrast is a must.  Mine are the standard 2.5 inches wide.
Slice them up - these are 3.5 inch lengths.
Cut them on the diagonal (NOT through the stitching line), making sure the diagonal is the same direction in each case (ask me how I know).
You need them to be perfectly equilateral, and mine weren't at this stage, so I used my 60 degree ruler to trim them up.  Then play!  I ended up with the same pattern (I think) that Jan had, but my block is all machine done.  This test block is now in a box with the fabrics I want to use.  I just need some good black fabric to go with the Lisa Walton hand dyes, PLUS, I have to figure out how to connect hexagons by machine....


  1. What a stunning block Kate, I love it!!!
    PS ... How's that purse coming along???

  2. Wow that looks good Kate. Must admit mine did take a long time to sew together. Maybe you will just have to join them by hand :).