Friday, December 30, 2011

Out With the Old

I guess we all have sagas about a particular appliance or piece of furniture.  This fridge has been around for a long long long time, and even though it hasn't really worked properly for at least 10 years I've hung onto it.  We lent it to DIY friends when we lived overseas and he modified one of the shelves.  It was a perfect size in Canberra but became too small for the heat of Brisbane.  It played second fiddle for a while then had to step back into first place when we moved, as the nice big new shiny one didn't fit the space.   It became Bronte's major art piece when she decided that she would rather paint it than the microwave we bought for the purpose.  In case you are wondering, she never did take it into school as a show and tell...
Over the years I've cleared Antarctica-sized icefloes from the bottom of the fridge part where all the water pools - but no more!  Today it will be taken away, and while it will be wonderful to have a working fridge again, I will miss it and the memories it sparks...


  1. Go you good thing - nothing like a new frig :) for a new year :) :)

  2. Welcome to the new year Kate, may be be great for you!