Sunday, December 18, 2011

DVD Catchup

Amazing stories of backyard passata making, epic bread baking and all the good things that come from good produce and love for tradition.  I was particularly taken with the family feast where they pour the polenta (and the ragu with a dozen different meats) out onto a large table and everyone grabs a spoon and starts eating from the edge!

I missed this on TV and I'm kind of glad I did - it started a bit slowly for me, and the weekly commitment would have been a bit much.  But having all the episodes right there, I could keep going, and I got caught up in the characters and the story.  Maggie Smith is just stunning, and of course the life depicted and the Abbey - well, it does draw you in.

This is my 3rd viewing and it's still as funny as it ever was.  Dreams within nightmares of a film shoot going anything but smoothly.  Egos bigger than the room, technical difficulties, rotten milk and unrequited passions - it's all there and just wonderful.

I used to like this show on TV - this is the first series and Kevin isn't quite as arrogant as he later becomes.  I just couldn't bring myself to finish watching - more stories of things going wrong, and all the pressures of building...

I think Miranda is one of the funniest people on TV.  She is fresh and honest and has the best piece to camera bits and eye brow raises ever.  Very very good.

Wow - well worth watching.  "Officially" only about 40% true (to which of course one responds - which 40%?), this is an eye opening account of the incredible success of facebook/Mark Zuckerberg.  Can it only have been 2004 when it started?  Great performances and very interesting.

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