Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kangaroo Point

As you're heading towards the Story Bridge, on the left is a lovely park that sits atop the cliffs.  When it opened a year or so ago, people complained about the lack of shade, but the other evening it was lovely.  More pics here.
Wonderful views
And art work of course.  The following refers to what I captured in the photos below -
Seven Versions of the Sun is an art piece integrated into seven arbours via seven highly polished screens laser-cut to create motifs of the sun. The art pieces are created to cast shadows on the landscape, illuminated by the sunlight flooding through the negative space, projecting motifs of the sun inside the cast shadow. Forming a visual connection to the trajectory of the sun, the motifs are there to trigger people’s awareness of seasons, following the position of the earth’s rotational axis.

I walked through the park to get to  St Mary's Anglican Church where there was a carol service along with a performance of A Ceremony of Carols by Britten.  I have never heard it live and it was amazing.

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