Sunday, July 31, 2011

Standard Hand Crank

I have wanted a hand crank machine for some time - I don't know why, but they appeal to me.  Through sheerly wonderful confluence of stars and things - in other words, goodness knows how, really - I was talking to someone who had a machine she wanted to get rid of - imagine!  In fact she said she had a few that nearly ended in the skip.  So I went to see what was on offer.  This was - 
This is modelled closely on a Singer, but was made, as far as I can tell, in Cleveland Ohio.  On the base is a stamp that suggests it is Japanese, post World War II.
The decals are in superb condition -
It came with a nice domed cover.  It took me some time to pry the cover off, as the key is lost.  I think this can be easily remedied.
I did a good clean and played a little.  Once I adjusted the presser foot tension the feed dogs fed fabric through beautifully.  Threading is pretty intuitive (or maybe I'm just attuned to Singers), and being purely mechanical, not much can really go wrong.  So if we have a power outage, I will still be able to sew.  I won't be able to SEE anything, but I'll be able to sew.  Now for an appropriately vintage project to sew using this little gem...

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