Sunday, July 31, 2011

Piano Lessons

This was very enjoyable.  It reminded me so much of my piano lessons with Mrs Snopoff (I know, I know).

The play is based on Anna Goldsworthy's autobiography Piano Lessons.  It's a two hander with Anna herself being Anna, and Caroline Kennison as her teacher Mrs Sivan.  The whole action takes place in a space dominated by the marvellously shiny black grand piano.  The space became Mrs Sivan's house for lessons, the stage for the Eisteddfods and concerts, and Anna's home.  Anna narrated part of the story directly to the audience as well as playing her role.  Caroline did the voices for some other characters, as well as being the teacher.

There was nothing terribly deep about the play, but Mrs Sivan's philosophy and sayings (with humorous twists as she translates them from her native Russian) were thoughtful.  I particularly liked hearing Anna play, giving the piano a voice, bringing it to life.

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  1. Poor Mrs S had such a hard time from some of the less kind kids in her music classes. I recall spotting her one rainy afternoon leaving school wrapped up in a blue coat with a green scarf tied peasant-style beneath her chin, looking for all the world like a real-life matroyshka.
    This prompted the 'witties' to compile "Blue and green should not be seen with Mrs Snopoff in between." tsk.