Sunday, July 31, 2011

Singer 319

This Singer came to me from the same source as the Standard Hand Crank.
The 319 has "piano keys" that are levers.
They can be raised and lowered in various combinations and used with an assortment of cams
to make lots of different stitches.  The machine was in great condition - it just needed a little glue to the wooden case.  It didn't have a power cord, but I had a spare one.  The fitting on the machine was not compatible with the power cord so a new fitting was found online and once the new fitting was in place, I plugged it in and - voila - it worked!!!

Well, strictly speaking, I could see the needle bar going up and down, but I couldn't sew with it until I sourced special needles.  If you don't used the correct, slightly shorter, needles (not the regular ones that just about every other machine in the universe uses), the bobbin case gets damaged.  As a salutory lesson, the machine came with two bobbin cases - one damaged one not.  So, once the special needles arrived, and once I fiddled with the stitch length, I put fabric under the pressure foot and  - look!! - real stitches and everything.
the machine has a lid/carry case with room for a snazzy extension table -
I think this will be coming with me on retreat later this year so I can have a lovely play...

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