Thursday, March 10, 2011

Star Sisters

At February's meeting of Queensland Quilters, a member stood up and started telling her story of how she'd bought these star blocks at the 2008 members' market day and would love to know who had sold them to her.  Yeah, yeah, I thought.  When the photo of the blocks came around I thought "hang on a minute...they look familiar" and then I saw the handwriting on the plastic bag - **I** was the seller.

So I went up to Denise later and introduced myself.  She had taken the blocks, made a few more, and completed a quilt using the Seven Sisters pattern.
Tuesday night I got to see the quilt in person.  She's done an amazing job!  It's no accident that I sold the blocks for $5!!  But look at the result - thanks to Denise's hard work
She very generously asked me my thoughts about a good name - we agreed on "Star Sisters".  The quilt will be entered in the QQ Show in October.


  1. It is gorgeous! Great story too!

  2. The Quilt looks fantastic, not to mention the gorgeous girls holding it up! Kinda makes your heart all moochie when you see something like this come together. Mum was pretty excited when she found Kate.
    Great job girls. Love Sam (Denise's daughter) xo