Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Interminable Suicide of Gregory Church

What can I say?  I LOVED this.  Daniel Kitson walks onto an almost bare stage and starts talking - 90 minutes later he stops.  He's here to tell us the story of Gregory Church, a man he's never met but got to know through the 22 boxes of letters that ended up at his place.  Daniel read all 30,000 of them, reads excerpts to us and creates a richly detailed, funny, poignant and real portrait of Gregory's life.  On the way there are many detours - we learn a lot about Daniel and he's not averse to confronting or bantering with the audience.

The words pour forth, gathering momentum and sweeping us along and then letting us rest before the next wave.  It's wonderful stuff - if you love words, go.  If you love comedy, go.  If you are interested at all in being human, go.

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