Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mt Gravatt Market

A friend told me about this market (these markets?) yesterday.  What a find.  I don't know whether or not it was the rain that kept everyone away, but it was a nice change from the hustle of Chandler.  Heaps of vegies I'd never seen before

 including these that I bought from a Laotian seller

I think they're called pea eggplants - yes, I know! Eggplants!  She couldn't tell me much about them except to say that she puts them in stews.  I bought some yummy bread from here -
one loaf of fig/apricot/cashew organic spelt sourdough, and one loaf of white sourdough.
The biggest surprise was seeing a stand with Hungarian doughnuts (fank) and Hungarian fry bread (langos) both of which my mother used to make throughout my childhood.  I couldn't resist one of the fank -
dipped in vanilla sugar - dare I say it, even better than my mother's, although of course not as steeped in memory.
I found a set of bowls too - $10 reduced to $8 just for me :-)

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