Thursday, November 11, 2010


No images today - sorry!!!

Head Case - a TV show; not so much scripted as ad-libbed, about a crazy shrink.  Her clients are well known celebrities.  Awful.  Could barely watch one episode.  Very unfunny.

Michael Jackson's This is it - a really well produced documentary about the preparations for the show he was going to do in 2009.  Great singing and dancing, awesome insider view of the technical side of a big show.  I'm not an MJ fan but I loved it.

WALL.E - the cutest robot who spends his days compacting trash on a hugely polluted planet falls in love with another robot Eve sent from outer space to scan the earth for signs of life.  Pixar at its best.  Funny and heartwarming with a great message.  Very enjoyable.

The Insider - what a wonderful movie.  Enthralling acting, perfectly scored sound track, excellent camera work all contribute to make an amazing story even better.  Russell Crowe and Al Pacino - both should have won Oscars.

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