Saturday, November 6, 2010


I love Frontline and have watched the series before.  It is an amazingly clever and funny satire on current affairs shows.  Rob Sitch plays Mike Moore, the anchor, to perfection - self involved, dim but cunning, persistent and not above selling out others to stay at the top and keep earning the big bucks.  The rest of the cast is also right on target.  This is the third (and last) series.  Very very good.
Samantha Who? was a TV show about a woman who wakes up after a hit and run accident and has retrograde anmesia.  She realises she was not a very nice person before her accident and has the chance to make things better.   Her parents are hilarious and her on again off again boyfriend is dishy, and she has 2 quite different close friends - Andrea (on-dree-a) the ultimate good time girl, and Dena, whom she hasn't been nice to since primary school.  Good writing and funny.  This is the first series.

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