Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Magnetic Advent Calendar

Thanks to the generosity of the folk at The Crafty Life, I finished a craft project last night!!  A magnetic Christmas tree and magnetic ornaments numbered 1 - 25.  They are on my fridge ready for next week - December 1 - when the countdown to Christmas really begins!
You can download the images for free.  They suggest printing straight onto magnetic sheets.  This is the brand I used,
but my printer wouldn't feed the sheets through.  So I printed the images onto paper and  used a good old glue stick
to glue the paper to the white side of the magnetic sheets.  The other change I made: the instructions say you need 4 sheets - I only had 3, so I rough cut all the ornaments to fit them to the one remaining sheet and the offcuts


  1. Thanksgiving has taken over here, but I'm looking forward to getting home & getting 'Chrismassy'.

  2. Hi Kate -

    I'm glad you like the collaborative advent calendar we made! :-D

    I'm even more thrilled that you're from Australia and that it made it down there! Gotta love the internet for this!

    I like how you used commun sense to make it work even thought your printer wouldn't!

    Thank you and take care. :-)