Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dreaming - Sunday

So Sunday was a change of pace.  I saw some dancing (Beneath the Ancestor, Naisda) which was beautifully done but I didn't quite get the meaning, and then Black Sheep, Glorious Bastards which was a very funny set of skits and stand up.  What would happen when Australia got its first Aboriginal Prime Minister??

Around the camp site were signs to make you smile -
kids were getting into crocheting
and juggling and other fun stuff
I bought a beanie with a Gumnut Baby vibe
and some stamps
from a huge array
The vendor had some wonderful textiles with lots of hand stitching - like kantha stitching  - that he brought back from India
Later in the day I watched some short films set in New Zealand and the Pacific and then Samson and Delilah - very moving.  I listened to Street Warriors - a hip hop band, then Dale Robert Huddleston and Microwave Jenny again.

The last event for the night was Bindjareb Pinjarra - a theatrical show designed to make us understand more about the Pinjarra Massacre in WA in 1834.  The actors were a mix of indigenous and non-indigenous men and the show ranged from the events of the time to more modern relationships between black and white.  Some hilarious and very clever improv and comedy as well.

Then it was time for a few drinks by the fire.....

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  1. Good to see all ages involved in that crocheting.