Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Dreaming - Friday Night

Starting on Friday night I was in Woodford (north of Brisbane) for a festival called The Dreaming.  It focuses on indigenous arts and culture.  The drive there took AGES - I forgot that it was a long weekend for EVERYBODY - not just me :-).
Anyway, I set my camp up in the dark - my little tent, a WARM sleeping bag I had just bought and my bag of clothes etc - my home was all cosy and organised in no time at all.  I didn't realise you parked right next to your tent so I could have thrown in heaps more stuff - never mind!
I saw the opening ceremony  - this is it during the day - imagine it with heaps of dancers and fires and a HUGE receptive crowd at night -
 and then heard some good comedy at the Little Black Duck - Kevin Kropinyeri and Sean Choolburra.  I didn't party but headed back "home" early.

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  1. All sounds fabulous Kate. I hope to go along next year. Your photos and descriptions make it feel like I was there. :-)