Sunday, May 30, 2010

May DVDs

I borrowed a whole heap from the library last Tuesday.  These are the ones I've seen so far.
Harmonies of the Hemispheres
SBS Youth Orchestra
This was a peek inside the Japan International Youth Musicale.  Part travelogue, part philosophy about how music can unite the world, and part performances from orchestras and choirs from around the world.  I was buoyed by the enthusiasm of all the young people, and loved hearing the music.
..all this time
A behind the scenes look at Sting and other world class musicians getting ready for a concert and CD.  They have a week to get it all together.  Filmed in Sting's amazing Italian house, the camaraderie and musicianship is uplifting.  Talent aplenty and great to hear Sting's songs given a fresh feel.
A film by Richard E. Grant
The story is based on Richard's experiences as the son of the British Minister of Education in colonial Swaziland.  Really good performances and the feel of the film is true to the era.  Sad and funny and real.
Red White and Blues
Interviews about the coming of black blues to the UK, and performances of some blues standards.

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