Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Even if I'm not going anywhere I love going to the airport.  I love the buzz and excitement and the thought of where everyone is going...Bronte and Dan headed to Thailand, Laos and Cambodia last night.  It was my pleasure to take them.  What a cute couple
OK - maybe not in that photo - how about this one...
The airport is full of art.  My eye was caught by these mosaics


  1. I also love the buzz of the airports & the destination possibilities!

  2. Yes, I too love the airport. Immediately following 9/11, all airports in the US had their security revamped (naturally), and no longer were you allowed to go to the transit lounge areas to see off (or welcome) friends/family. That has probably relaxed a little now, but I remember how sad it was when travelling not being able to have someone to see you off, or be there waiting for you at the arrival lounge.
    Good pics of Bronte and Dan....Bronte is definitely your daughter, Kate. :-)

  3. I have just been to the airport and love it too, but must say I didn't see the art work at all....
    I think I am walking around blind.