Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let the Sunshine

This afternoon I went to see David Williamson's play Let the Sunshine at the Cremorne Theatre.

As usual I had my pre-show drink - as it was daytime I had a great view to the Southbank Bouganvillea...

It is a small, friendly venue and I was in the balcony so had a great view of the stage.  I particularly wanted to see the play as Jacki Weaver was in it and I've never seen her on stage.

The play was good fun - well crafted although slightly predictable, and there were some good lines.  It wasn't exactly deep but there was food for thought.

The stage was set with a very long white table and some white stools.
 This was a great concept because it could be a kitchen bench, a cafe, a restaurant, a bar.  It was so long that one scene could be playing out down one end while another was setting up at the other.  But in many of the scenes it seemed to be in the way, with the actors just leaning against it, not doing bits of business as you normally do on stage.  I was particularly disappointed with Jacki.  She has a great dramatic voice and great expression, but she didn't LIVE the role, she was just Jacki saying her lines (albeit very well).  I don't know if this was how she was directed, or the way she usually is.  Robert Coleby who played her husband Toby was excellent; Andrea Moor as Natasha was wonderful, although she did seem to mug for the audience a fair bit - as though we weren't going to get the joke.  Paul Ashcroft as Rick was very good too.  He played Jacki and Robert's son who at 30 was a bit of a loser as a musician but who came into his own by the end of the play.

I am definitely glad I went, especially as I have wanted to see Jacki on stage for a while now, so I can tick that off my "bucket list" as it were!

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  1. I went to school with Andrea Moor.
    She was always a powerful actress. So glad she's made it to the 'big time.'