Saturday, December 25, 2010

Mug Rug

I've seen these around cyberspace and loved the concept.  I figured that 6" X 8" would work well - room for your mug plus a little extra for that little extra to snack on.  I had something that I thought might work.  A quilt top half finished.  Half finished by someone else.  Yes, folks, the queen of unfinished projects and UFOs BOUGHT someone else's UFO.  What can I say - I thought it was a good idea at the time.  The centre piece was stuck down - a mosaic - and the rest of the background had bits drawn on in chalk.  Like this.
For some crazy reason I thought I would spend the time tracing around each one of these shapes and cutting the appropriate fabric and sticking it on the background.  I did have the right hand-dyed fabric to do it.  What I didn't have were my reality check glasses that would have told me - it ain't going to happen.  Well I put those glasses on the other day, and realised I had to have another plan.  So I sliced into the half finished top to make the most of the work already done.  Then quilted around each piece
yes, EACH piece.  TWICE.  Then bound it. Here it is completed
Look! It works!


  1. Very creative indeed. Would make a colourful accessory to any coffee mug (hint). :)

  2. Beautiful Kate - looks fantastic. Hope you are enjoying the break / festive season and the WFF.