Monday, December 20, 2010


The Thursday Threaders' lunch was at Toscani's in Victoria Point.  I got there early so had a cosmopolitan overlooking the lake
There were crackers with lame/funny jokes and "gift" inside
We did the Secret Santa thing, but some of us also bring a few little extras - all in the Christmas spirit.  Merle embroidered towels
Robyn made sweets and gave us each a bracelet
Paula made cards and included a little towel
I found I had some little bags lying around and included a Welcome swag to make up numbers.  I wrapped them to look exactly the same in brown paper bags, numbered each bag and printed off an identical set of numbers.  The ladies first chose a number with no clue as to why.  Then I got the paper bags out of my back pack and handed them around...
Lunch finished with a tiramisu that had fruit sauce (or in this post-Masterchef world, should I say coulis?) on top

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