Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bribie Island

I was already over the northside yesterday so thought I'd keep going and check out a book shop I'd only heard about.
This is a cute shop with lots and lots of cheap books - used of course.  They look in good condition.  If you saw how many books I'm trying to get rid of, you'd understand why I didn't buy any.  There were some comfy places to sit and have a coffee, but I was heading for a lunch place.
The Post Office was nice and quiet, so I posted some parcels...and then looked up and saw -
a really pale moon, but more interestingly - blue sky - haven't seen that in a while.
Lunch was a foot long hot dog - too much melted cheese, and, frankly, too much dog.  In a white bun.  Hmmm - not gourmet by any standards...but the view was pretty good
You probably can't hear them, but there were kids laughing and jumping into the water.  Summer is here!

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  1. Bribie is gawjus .... did you visit the quilt shop there??
    Joy :o)