Saturday, June 6, 2009

My Sewing Room - Part I

Here are a couple of pics of my sewing room. It's a small room - about 3 X 2.5 metres - but it's all mine!!

Coming into the room the ironing board is on the left. The cover is new - made by Ezi Iron. I love my ironing board cover - it doesn't move, and isn't too padded, and it's double sided, so once you wreck one side (and I DO wreck my ironing board covers), you can turn it over to the other side. No affiliations or anything - just a happy customer.

On the table I have my water and starch; the box that holds interfacings, stiffenings etc. There is a drawer below which holds my threads.

Under the table is the first machine I bought. In 1993 it cost me nearly $400 and is very basic BUT it's still going strong.

Straight ahead (opposite the door) is my Horn cabinet. I love that the machine sits flush with the top of the cabinet. These compartments hold my thimbles, bobbins, tape measures, hand sewing needles, machine needles.

Part of my thimble collection.

This is a fun tape measure!!

To be continued....

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