Wednesday, June 17, 2009

My Sewing Room - Part III

Final round, ladies and gentlemen!
The storage closet. Projects in boxes, neatly labelled (I'm sorry - I just can't help it!!).
I know you'll be shocked - but the drawers contain fabric....
More projects

and quilt tops waiting to be quilted.
My cutting table. If you don't have one, rush out and get one - the best thing I've ever bought.


  1. I love the neatness Kate. I'm having a clean out of my sewing studio- after 12 years it needs it!! But I know it will get messy when I start stitching.

  2. So organised! I don't think I would be game to post a photo of my cupboards on line! Did you enjoy reading Jacaranda Blue? I had it as a talking book from the library and it was fantastic! I listen to books most days while I quilt. Love your blog Kate!

  3. I love my cutting table like this! One of the best quilt room investments along with my roller office chair. Nice! Sharyn