Sunday, June 7, 2009

My Sewing Room - Part II

These selvedges are tucked in under my Horn cabinet. I do have an idea for using them!!

I love sewing with my Janome 6500 - and the Ott Light gives me extra light as it's a dark room.
The little ceramic dish holds extra feet, a viewer and scissors. The pincushion was made by a friend's sister-in-law's husband from Tasmania. The tall cylinder holds my pins, sorted into size and type. I just grab it and go for classes and retreats. All those safety pins have come out of a quilt that I have been quilting on and off for the past month - and I have now decided I hate what I've done - sigh!!!
If ideas strike or I need to do calculations I have plain paper handy, and tools are in the handy blue caddy, complete with somewhere to put my coffee.
There is a tiny bit of room between the cabinet and the wall - just enough space for a big light box and block roll.

To be continued...


  1. You are a very organized person. Your room looks to tidy. I love the sewing cabinet.