Sunday, June 21, 2009

Sacking the Stork

This is the first book by writing duo Kris Webb and Kathy Wilson who are sisters. Kathy lives in Brisbane and Kris lives in Dubai and they both have busy lives - so writing a book together is some feat! They have also written "Inheriting Jack" and "Other People's Diaries".

The main story line is that Sophie and Debbie are friends who live together. Debbie is playing the field, while Sophie has a steady boyfriend Max, although the relationship isn't really going anywhere. After Sophie breaks up with Max, she discovers she is pregnant, but doesn't tell Max as he is off to San Francisco with his job. Sophie ends up moving into her own place, and much of the story revolves around her experiences as a new mother on her own (although she has a strong group of friends). She and Debbie come up with a great business idea, and juggling that, motherhood, and a new man add complications.

This is not a hard to read book, and I did finish it - but I found a lot of the writing rather wooden. The characters had a sameness about them and the dialogue lacked liveliness and spark. I guess I am not the right demographic - it probably appeals to readers in their 20s and 30s who have not yet had children or whose children are young. The writing seemed to pick up at the end, the plotting was good, and everything was resolved nicely at the end.

So - not a bad book, but not one I would recommend you rush out and read.

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