Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Redbubble is an online art community.  I am lucky enough to know some artists there and ordered postcards of their art.

The first selection is by Mel -more here.

 The second by Kim - more here.


  1. Well, what a lovely surprise to see my photos and a link to them here, and the fact that you bought some -- thank you so much Kate. It was you who told me about redbubble after all. I think you should be showing yours off as well...not to mention your other crafts....

  2. Oh Kate, what a lovely surprise and honor, so glad you like and Many Many Thanks for your support. :):):) Mel

  3. Kate, have you caught up with the drama of Redbubble selling what their own lawyers called "pro-Hitler merchandise"


    Redbubble's lawyers resigned in protest