Tuesday, January 4, 2011

January DVDs

That Mitchell and Webb Look.  This has been on TV here and you can find videos on youtube.  The show is a series of sketches with some running gags like number wang.  Wacky and iconoclastic and very clever and funny.  One of my favourites was the smoko break with art imitating life imitating art.  They would have had fun writing that one.

The Best of the Glass House.  One to avoid if you are squeamish.  Nothing is sacred, and there are definitely some cringe-worthy moments, but overall great fun and you see new sides to celebs you thought you knew...

An Evening with Hal Roach.  A family comedian, so safe for the kiddies.  I first discovered Hal Roach on a bus trip in 1995 when a video of his show - possibly this one - was played to help us while away the endless driving hours.  He's so funny he even laughs at himself.  No, honestly, good clean fun.

The Art of Travel.  I have been an Alain de Botton fan since the early days when he spent an entire book dissecting his every last thought on love.  It was mesmerising.  He is a modern philosopher using language that is understandable to people like me.  This DVD is based on his book, and looks at all sorts of aspects relating to travel.  He interviews some interesting people - such as the couple who regard themselves as adventurous but never go on holiday further than 20 miles from home.  Thought provoking.

Grand Designs, Series 5, Discs 3 and 4.  This probably needs no introduction.  I'd seen some episodes on TV and watching them again didn't pall.  Is it just me, though, or does Kevin have a way of looking at people that is kind of sleazy?  I think it's in the eye movements.  Anyway, there are lots of grand visions and mammoth undertakings to keep you enthralled.

The Wire.  A police procedural, kind of, set in Baltimore.  It is regarded as one of the best TV shows ever made.  The quality of writing and acting is superb.  But grim.  Gritty.  Depressing.  I could only watch one episode.

1968.  The Year That Shaped a Generation.  Extremely well done.  What a momentous year.  Lots of change, unrest, assassinations, and questionings of the status quo.  Excellent bits of commentary from people who were "there".  Highly recommended.

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