Tuesday, July 20, 2010

July DVDs

My Family Feast - DVDs of an SBS series.  Sean Connolly visits with various Australian families from different backgrounds - the Congo, Bali, Afghanistan and so on - and listens to their stories and watches them prepare food for a feast.  Mouthwatering!

A pleasure to watch these shows again.  They are kind of timeless, although the fashions are obviously not modern!  Simon Templar is SOOO smooth!!

This was supposed to be a popular miniseries.  I found it difficult to watch despite the big names (Ed Harris, Helen Hunt, Paul Newman, Joanne Woodward).  Ed plays the main character who is beholden to the town's rich lady, is divorcing his difficult wife, and seems a bit of a nice guy loser.  It was all a bit bleak and I wasn't drawn in to his life or character.  I didn't finish watching it.

A kind of documentary about what it means to live in the suburbs - how people in houses where all you see is the garage engage with the world.  The endless commutes, the barren landscapes and the cell phone towers.  Mixed in with the acting are some interviews with urban planners.  Kind of funny and sad at the same time, and thought provoking.

This comedy series is OK - not as funny as other UK skit-based shows.  I don't think I'll be watching any more of this.

I think Maeve O'Meara has the best job in the world.  Standing in other people's kitchens and tasting what they are cooking!  What a job!  The food always looks so scrumptious, and the people cooking it always seem to do it with love and care.  Watched it twice!!

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