Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I like to collect things - books, fabric, aprons, kitchen gadgets...

I love writing with a fountain pen - it is a joy to feel the pen slide smoothly along the paper and watch the shapes of letters and words appear in ink.  I am presently using up some lovely lavender ink I've had for some time...

I've acquired these pens over many years.  The silver one on the left is a Parker (cartridge or bladder); the one next to it is a Rotring "rive" - interesting shape.  Some think it resembles an alien seed pod - it's plastic and ergonomically designed - no longer in production - takes a Rotring or Pelikan cartridge.   Then there's a Shaeffer, and the orange one in the middle and the black one to the right of it are also Shaeffers - both are calligraphy pens.  All three use cartridges.  Fourth from the left is a "hero" from China - bladder fill.  The orange and black mottled one seventh from the left is a vintage model; you twist the end to suck up the ink.  The next 2 are also from China - my most recent purchases.  Both of these also have unusual mechanisms for filling. The one in the box on the extreme right is made from the timber of gun stock which was handed in after the Port Arthur massacre.  The pens were made by adolescents in the care of the Richmond Fellowship.

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