Monday, February 8, 2010


This past week I borrowed DVDs from the library - you can have these longer than one week and they are FREE!

Annie Leibovitz is an amazing photographer and I was so looking forward to watching this DVD, but it was badly scratched and kept breaking up even though I persevered and tried to fast forward through quite a few spots.  The subtitle intrigued me - "Life through a lens".  Very deceptive, that.  After all, we all see life through a lens.  Plus is what Annie sees really "life"?  When you see the planning and staging and creating that goes on to get the shot/s, it's certainly art, but hardly life...

This is a series of TV shows - mockumentaries - put out by the BBC in 1996.  Each episode "follows" a person from a different line of work.  I saw the episode about the Managing Director and the episode about the Real Estate Agent.  Not bad, but not particularly funny, with predictable scenarios (eg the MD saying how frantically busy he is, but in fact isn't...).

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