Saturday, February 13, 2010

Music and More

The Beez is a group from Berlin.  They were playing on the Queen Street Mall today.  They play a mix of genres, including their own country/middle eastern sound.  I really liked it when the two women sang a German folk song "Alle Vogel Sind Schon Da" which I remember from school!
While I  was in town I walked to Borders and bought Spencer Quinn's latest Bernie and Chet mystery, Thereby Hangs a Tail.  The first in the series - Dog On It - was wonderful.  My review here.  I hope the second one is as good!

On the way to Borders is this amazing building -
I usually park at Southbank - and the view from the bridge is always interesting...

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  1. The Beez -- that's a great photo -- I like that they have incorporated the piano accordian into the band.

    I'm trying to work out what that building is -- is the facade really like that, or is that as a result of some creative camera setting?

    Nice look at the city today Kate. :-)