Sunday, April 8, 2012


A while ago I bought a fondue pot at a thrift store - totally new and unused - for $3.50.  What a bargain.  I thought it was time to "christen" it.  $50+ worth of ingredients later (now, not so much of a bargain) I had this:
It looks OK, but you can't see the hard bits of cheese that didn't melt (even after 40 minutes), that I had to scoop out.  You can't see the palish pink tinge to the mixture, because I put Cherry Brandy in, instead of kirschwasser.  You can't see the roaring flame underneath thanks to the methylated spirits in the burner - we had to replace it with a candle.  You can't see the sticky mess that was impossible to prise off the saucepan during washing up.  So, not a success, especially as James decided he did not like the cheeses I used (emmenthal and gruyere).  Oh well, it was all good fun...I guess!!!

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  1. Fondues - well that takes me back a loooong way - I remember both meat (with hot oil) and cheese - though I always did them in ceramic pot not metal. I'm not sure if I still have the fondue set but I do still have a set of little wooden bowls that I bought to put all the sauces in for the meat and I still use them. They must be >30 years old by now!