Sunday, April 8, 2012

Calling Cards...

Pam Holland made some business cards using old playing cards and I was intrigued.  I found some cards locally - $1 for a whole deck. 
The playing side has great photos that I didn't want to cover up, but I couldn't figure out how to use the back - it is a bit kitschy.  In the end I just left it as is.  There was lots of trial and error in this whole process, aside from what I go into below.  I will spare you all the details.

I found some left over blocks from a quilt
 which I cut down
 stuck on the back of a bright piece of paper
 signed the front and included my email address and laminated the whole thing.
The idea was to then use ribbon to attach it to the front of the card - but it looked lame.
So I pulled everything apart, recut the squares to 1" (!) and bought some blue card, and sewed the square and the paper with my email address to the blue card. 
 One stitching line attaches it to the playing card, so you can still see the pictures of Australia.  Done!


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