Thursday, November 3, 2011


The script was written by Ian Parry-Okeden, a veteran of radio.  It was very well done, and having people like Noeleen Brown narrating it, was enjoyable.  The best, of course, was all the historical foootage/soundage.  Listening to a young John Howard on a quiz show was hilarious.

Simple, short, easy to follow.  I wanted to just make sure there was nothing I was missing and it aligns perfectly with what I know to be the case.  I just wonder who the audience/market is and whether they even know it's available.  Some good tips, but there's no getting past it - it's still hard work.

I missed most of the the TV series, so as usual, caught up on DVD.  Amazing, what his kitchen produces.  Also amazing are his thought processes - his creativity.  However, all the processing and handling that goes into the final product - hmm will try not to think about it when next I tuck into a cake...

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