Thursday, October 8, 2009

Movies and DVDs

I have been on a movie watching jag...In the past few weeks I have been to the cinema to see $9.99, Mao's Last Dancer and Fame (don't bother with the last one - borrow the 1980 classic instead).

I also took out 5 DVDs (and why not - $3.50 for one, or 5 for $6 - a no brainer!)

Here they are in order of watching -
The Terminal with Tom Hanks (no picture) - funny, sad, interesting, satisfying.

Frost/Nixon - boring (or perhaps I was not in the mood for the minutiae of tactical political interviewing)

Match Point - totally not about tennis. The feel of a slow moving English film about class, but with dark undertones and a very interesting basic philosophical idea about luck.

Dan in Real Life - absolutely wonderful, wonderful, wonderful - real, but with a strong fairy tale romance.

Miss Potter - Renee Zellweger is brilliant and the story flows at just the right easy pace to make it a pleasure to watch.

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