Tuesday, April 28, 2009

The Richest Man in Babylon; How to Kill Your Husband

I had heard so much about this book so was very happy to find it at a thrift store last week. OK, a lot of the language is straight out of the KJV - thee, thou, wilt, didst etc - but the power of its truth remains. I see that even David Koch ("Kochie") quotes from it!
In the early 1900s Clason wrote parables about how to become wealthy. He printed them as pamphlets and they were given away by bankers and insurance agents to their clients. The stories became so popular, Clason put them together in this book.
What he has to say is so obvious, yet so true - even today we are all looking for the "get rich quick" and the "lucky" roads to wealth. But the richest man in Babylon got where he did by working hard, taking advice, putting money aside and investing it wisely - boring but true. All the characters in the book who succeed make mistakes along the way, and that's OK too. Well worth reading.

I skimmed a lot of this - I won't bore you with the reason, but it is the second time I have read it. Kathy's writing can sparkle and shine and she is extremely clever and funny. However, I didn't enjoy the endlessly graphic sex and I think I am a little over the "I do everything and my husband does nothing" lament.
The story is basically about three friends - one (Jasmine) is married to an inhumanly humane doctor who rushes around the world helping people; one (the narrator Cassie) is married to a slob, gorgeous though he is; and one is married to a man who is happy to be the baby of the household. The book starts with Jas in jail for murdering her husband. The rest of the book is Cassie's recounting of how it happened that Jas got into that predicament.
It is a light read, and enjoyable in parts - but I think I need to Lette myself read some other things!

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