Friday, April 24, 2009

Birthday again - and The Uncommon Reader

It was another day of celebration on Thursday -
I received a lovely gift

and of course CAKE!
Not a true cake, but just perfect - lots (and lots) of custard, fruit, and whipped cream on the side!
Oh yes - what was inside the box?
In the evening I finished reading this-
Absolutely wonderful. Amusing and thought-provoking, with a wicked twist at the end. What happens when Her Majesty (accidentally) discovers reading? Of course, she has always read - Cabinet documents and the like - but not books! Reading (in fact having any hobby) represents preference and her advisers are dead against that. Not to speak of the difficulty they now have of keeping to schedules, and orchestrating those meet and greets. It used to be so easy - she would ask people where they came from, how long it took and how they travelled - now, she is quizzing them on Genet and Proust and all sorts of things - and lending books!
The character of the Queen is a delight - smart, witty, sharply observant, and quite ruthless in her charming subtle way...
Alan Bennett's writing style is a work of art - each word, each character is perfect. Very easy to read, but full of depth and thought.

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